Amphirol on mine tailings
Amphirol on mine tailings
Centaur on tidal mudflats
Centaur on tidal mudflats
Argo Modified in-house for clay
Argo Modified in-house for clay
Sampling on soft ground
Sampling on soft ground
Western Basin Dredging
Western Basin Dredging

CPTS Test Locations

CPTS Test Locations Qld

CPTS has completed over 6500 tests in Queensland alone


Test Service

Test Equipment

Uses and Results

Cone Penetrometer Testing


Standard cone (CPT

Qc & Fs

Piezocone (CPTu)

Qc, Fs, and Pore Pressure

Electronic hand-held Penetrometer

To measure bearing strength of tailings dams and intertidal mudflats etc to determine vehicle type for access

Onsite piezocone de-airing

De-airing system

Vacuum chambers capable of completely saturating fully assembled piezocones prior to each test.

Precision calibration

High precision field portable calibrators

High precision calibrators to maintain and calibrate the CPT Probes. This helps ensure instrumentation quality and provide a guaranteed level of accuracy.

Dilatometer Tests


Dilatometer (DMT)

Detecting slip surfaces in OC clay slopes
Monitoring compaction control
Liquification etc

Seismic Dilatometer (SDMT)

For the determination of shear velocity and shear modulus, ideal for determining liquefaction potential.

Automatic Shear Wave Generator

Automated shear wave source providing identical amplitude and frequency.

Shear Vane Testing

Shear Vane Testing equipment with electronic inline torque sensor

Available for very soft to firm clays

Soil sampling

Undistributed soil sampling

Particularly suited to mine tailings and acid sulphate soils but also most materials in an absence of gravels.



Vibrating Wire Piezometers

Tailings dams, reclamation sites, dam walls etc


As above


Track mounted vibracore rig

Sampling ‘Potential Acid Sulphate Soils’ and mine tailings etc